A new patented mechanical compound machine   (as water powered prime mover) is proposed for converting the energy of the water flow (or another free-flowing mass) falling under gravity force, directly into mechanical work of reciprocating motion in the vertical  plane; and, simultaneously, of rocking motion in the horizontal plane of the linkage of machine. The kinematic scheme of machine is based on particular combination of two rocking levers which are provided with periodical working strokes. The machine is capable to accumulate periodically the flowing mass into levering up capacities and to multiply (by mechanical advantage) the gravity force (as effort) during of each discrete stroke in accordance to law of the lever. Due to mechanical feedbacks the mechanism is switching the direction of flowing mass into capacities and switching accordingly  between lower and higher position as sequence of discrete actions (strokes), so that it operates in free-running mode (as oscillation) under gravity force. Discrete Power Converter (DPC or Kornich machine) can be connected in easy way (as primary mover, without some intermediate mechanisms) to mechanical loads of reciprocal nature (piston pumps, for example). The mechanical loads of rocking nature (sieve, for example) can be applied to the main shaft (as periodical reversable torque generator) at the same time. As result the total efficiency and reliability of the machine will be increased as well complexity and cost price will be decreased. The DPC expands the possibilities of gravity force in combination with water and other flowing masses (as working medium) in getting of new original prime mover in addition to existing water wheel as simple machine. In addition to the transformation of mechanical energy the DPC is able also to split the input stream of free-flowing mass on two equal output streams, separated in space depending on the geometry of the converter. The principal kinematic scheme of DPC is represented on Fig. 1.                       read more …   DPC abst

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